1014 Farmington Ave. Kensington, CT 06037

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Monday -Friday 8am to 7pm

Sat 8a - 6p | Sun 8a - 2p

We carry a little bit of everything you may need in the kitchen from salad, spices, imported cheese, fresh vegetables, dessert, milk and even the full seven course pre made meal.

One Stop for your Dining needs.

"This is home cooked food, what you want and not all fancied up."


If you are running late and need to get dinner on the table, stop and choose from our large variety of home made foods. Everyday is something differnet but you can never go wrong with chicken cutlets and some zitti with meatsauce, salad, bread and dinner is ready to be served.


If you're in the mood to cook it yourself, we carry a variety of uncooked pre seasoned beefs, porks and chicken and if you want to do it all, we can always provide the necessary ingredients...


Imported Cheeses

Finest Olive Oil